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Concerts and Seminars

Our seminars, workshops and concerts are available in person and online 

seminars and classes 

Lisa Feder, author of Jeliya at the Crossroads (2021) designs and leads seminars and classes on the role of griots in culture in West Africa and beyond. Each program is tailor-made to suit the university, museum, or sector of society who is interested in learning the essential role of griot music in bringing people together across boundaries. 

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Lisa Feder


We custom-design music concerts in various formations, as solo, duet, acoustic, or dance band to accompany seminars and workshops. 

To the right, see Famoro Dioubate in New York City.

music workshops

Our griots offer Manding music workshops in the United States and in France. Through our music workshops, student and professional musicians who play any instrument in the key of C-Major can learn to play looping, polyrhythmic melodies of griot music. We bring workshops to schools and universities.  

Kanazoe Diabate of Burkina Faso in Marseille, France, 2020. 

Famoro Dioubate, Kakanzoe Diabate, and others lead trips to West Africa every winter hosting Mande music workshops for musicians and students from the US and Europe. Join us! Email Lisa directly for more information at 

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