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Moh! Kouyaté

 Moh Kouyaté, singer and guitarist from Guinea, has been living in Paris since 2006. Born and raised in a prestigious griot family, Moh has released three solo albums since 2013 and in 2023 he will release his fourth, all acoustic album called Moobaya, or Humanity. Moh also formed the Guinean Music All Stars in 2020, a multi-generational,10 person band featuring Sekouba Bambino and the rapper Phaduba. Check out "Sewa" or "happiness" on Spotify.  Moh affirms that we need to get along with one another to be truly happy on this planet. 

Guinea Music All Stars, in rehearsal June 2022, Paris

Moh translates one of his new acoustic songs, spoken word style. 

An exclusive interview with Moh on what it means to be a global griot. 

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Falou Fema, the announcement.

More coming soon! 
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