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Lansiné Kouyaté

I snuck Lansiné Kouyaté into the AfroPop Radio program of November 18, 2022 a little on the late side. That is why we only had a phone interview. We had just become reaquainted. But on November 17th I returned to his music studio outside of Paris and he explained more to me. His enthusiasm and love for music is contagious when he speaks and when he plays, even the smallest thing. 

Like Moh Kouyate, Lansiné was inspired at a young age by certain American musicians. Lansiné is a generation older than Moh, and his instrument is different, so this, of course, influenced his choices. 

In this video he talks about his early influences, the great American jazz masters like Lionel Hampton and Miles Davis. 

Lionel Hampton 1957 "Flying Home"

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