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Creating transformative cross-cultural experiences between griots and people interested in West African culture, music, and the arts.

Lisa Feder Jeliya Anthropologist
Famoro Dioubate Griot Guinea

We facilitate cross-cultural connections through video, audio, concerts, music workshops and seminars.

Griot (or jeli) music comes from the Manding, West African culture. Since 1235 CE, the start of the Malian Empire, the music and words inspired its listeners toward a greater good, toward living together in harmony. This noble profession and the style of message that it sends need not, nor should not, be fixed to one culture anymore. 

Manding Grooves bridges the gap between local and global while simultaneously preserving the deep humanity in Manding culture. We work creatively with Manding musicians and a cross-cultural team worldwide to generate a sustainable income for the musicians and their families by producing:

  • Manding music workshops in France, the United States, and West Africa. 

  • Manding concerts and seminars. 

  • Bi-Cultural musical projects

  • Video and audio content with Manding people around the world.

Currently with Manding Grooves

Memories from the
Summer 2023 Balafon Workshop

with Kanazoe Diabaté


On December 11, 2022, Famoro Dioubate, balafon griot extraordinaire and co-founder of Manding Grooves returned to Guinea Conakry, his home country, for the first time in 23 years. Lisa Feder, accompanied Famoro on his return. Their journey was filled with family love, heart-felt music, and many responsibilities and obligations. Click here to read/see more.

Radio Show: Global Griots

Lisa Feder's one-hour radio show on Afropop Worldwide 

Featuring France-based griots

Lansiné Kouyaté (Mali).  Seydou "Kanazoé" Diabaté (Burkina Faso) Moh! Kouyaté (Guinea)

Djene Kouyaté (Guinea) Mohamed "Champion" Kouyaté (Guinea)

Lansiné Kouyate balafon
Seydou "kanazoe" Diabate

On the Global Griots page, click on the artist to see full-length interviews and video clips of the artists with Manding Grooves

Keep up with Manding Grooves on Insta and Youtube

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Book Jeliya at the Crossroads

Read about it! 

Lisa Feder, a cultural anthropologist, wrote "Jeliya at the Crossroads" about her experiences of over 20 years, working with Manding Griots. These oral-historian/musicians live between the long-standing profession of their forefathers and mothers, passed down orally for 800 years, and their careers in the global music arena. To read more about it, see Lisa's webpage. A version of this book will be available in French in 2024!     


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