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West African music with a message -- accessible to an international audience.

We bring the art of griot music to international listeners, using this music as a vehicle to send a positive message to the world while generating a sustainable income for the artists.


Griot (or jeli) music comes from the Manding, West African culture. Since 1235 CE, the start of the Malian Empire, the music and words inspired its listeners toward a greater good, toward living together in harmony. This noble profession and the style of message that it sends need not, nor should not, be fixed to one culture anymore. 

Manding Grooves is company dedicated to fair and equitable collaborations.
We support environmental, economical, social, and spiritual awareness in all of our work.  

Famoro's Return to Guinea
On December 11, 2022, Famoro Dioubate, Manding Grooves co-founder and griot balafonist returned to Guinea Conakry, his home country for the first time in 23 years. Manding Grooves co-founder, Lisa Feder, followed Famoro on his return. Click here to read the story and see the videos.   

Manding Grooves recently produced a radio program called
Global Griots
on Afropop Worldwide in late November 2022. 

You can hear it on the AfroPop podcasts here

Watch the video clips of the Global Griots interviews and music here!

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 13.28.03.png
The program features France-based griots, Lansiné Kouyaté (Mali), Seydou "Kanazoé" Diabaté (Burkina Faso), Moh! Kouyaté (Guinea), Djene Kouyaté (Guinea) and Mohamed "Champion" Yonne (Guinea).
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Other Artists we work with

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Sekouba Kandia Kouyaté, Famoro Dioubaté, Gbessa Sékou Dioubaté


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