Global Griots

See interviews and music samples from some of the musicians we follow right now. 

Famoro Dioubate, Guinea/New York

Famoro Diouabté is recognised as one of West Africa’s most talented and graceful balafonists. He tell us his "music comes from the heart." Hailing from Conakry, Guinea. Famoro's band, Kakande, features Famoro on balafon with guitar, bass, drum set, cello, djembe, singing, and more.  This band has been driving fans wild for over a decade in New York City and has a regular gig at Shrine World Music in Harlem. 

Famoro is a founding member of Manding Grooves. 

Moh Kouyate, Guinea/Paris
Mohamed "Champion" Yonne, Guinea/Paris

Mohamed "Champion" Yonne (Kouyate) is well-spoken and talented afro-jazz griot, composer, and guitarist from Kankan, Guinea. Based in Paris since 2015, he has launched several projects, including his Afro-Jazz band, Complète Mandingue, which combines traditional Manding guitar with Jazz, Blues, Salsa, Funk, and more. He may be a global guitarist, but he remains solidly a griot in his behavior, the way he speaks, the way he addresses people. "Je ne bougerai pas de ça!" I'll never move from being a griot, he confirms. 


 Moh Kouyaté, singer and guitarist from Guinea, has been living in Paris since 2006. Born and raised in a prestigious griot family, Moh has released three solo albums since 2013 and in 2023 he will release his fourth, all acoustic album called Moobaya, or Humanity. Moh also formed the Guinean Music All Stars in 2020, a multi-generational,10 person band featuring Sekouba Bambino and the rapper Phaduba. Check out "Sewa" or "happiness" on Spotify.  Moh affirms that we need to get along with one another to be truly happy on this planet. 

More about Moh
Seydou "Kanazoe" Diabaté, Burkina Faso/France

Seydou "Kanazoe" Dioubate is a balafonist from Burkina Faso, living in southern France. His group "Kanazoé Orkestra" has released three albums, and a fourth is immanent. The band features several balafons, both pentatonic and diatonic, ngoni, bass, guitar, percussion, and saxophone, and tours Europe regularly. Kanazoe sends important messages to the world through his music. He is concerned for the future of griot children in Africa. Watch Manding Grooves' interview with Kanazoe in Paris just before Covid struck, in February 2020.