Manding Grooves creates musical and cultural projects between West African griots and the world.  

Manding Grooves: Connecting West African griots to musicians worldwide. 

We do not discriminate. We hire the best people to get the job done well. This is what a modern society looks like. 

Our projects include:

*Creation of bands and ensembles suited for a wide range of purposes. Music festivals, Cinema soundtracks, classical ensembles, Solo, duo, trio, etc.. ensembles. 

*Cross-cultural creations, collaborations, compositions, to the end of final performances and recordings. 

*Educational projects that may include seminars and forums on:

--Manding people and history

--Major global issues offering one (of many) African perspectives.

--Hot Issues include racism, unequal distribution of power, global warming, global economics 

Other subjects such as

--The global music industry and how it is changing,

--Musical genres across the globe. 

-Religion and spirituality.  

Who we work with:

*Universities, scholars, professors and teachers and social institutions. We organize and contribute to panels, discussions, presentations, and other educational forums. 

*Music producers, agents, studios, publishers, and more, around the world.


*Documentarists, film-makers, journalists, writers, dramaturges.

*Musical composers, theatre directors, dramaturgues, musicians, innovators in mixed-media art. 

Manding Grooves is a Manding-based international organization whose members are mostly West African, with an American founder and co-director.  


©2019 by Manding Grooves, LLC.

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